Ring of Jade

Ring of Jade

Jade Ring tells a dreaming story that profoundly affected my spirituality. Many years ago, while still living in Arizona, I encountered the spirit of a sailor. The man had become ill aboard ship. They were at sea without a doctor or anyone else able to help him get better. I believe they were sailing in a southerly direction down the California coastline. His crewmates placed him in a shallow cave under a rock overhang. "The ship made a special stop to put me ashore," he thought. Delirious at times, the sailor was appreciative of the captain's attempt to help him.

The sailor owned a rather large silver ring. Decorating the ring was a fingernail size, green jade stone. He always wore it. The jade ring was a prized souvenir from one of his many voyages. He had brought the stone back to his homeport and hired a silversmith. Made to his specifications, the ring fitted perfectly. He cannot find his ring.

He was sure that he was wearing the ring when the crew brought him ashore. Crewmates were like brothers. He dismisses the idea that anyone might want to steal it. They left him in the hands of God and said a prayer. Somewhere along the rocky Pacific coast, the sailor wonders where his jade ring is and if someone will come to help.

I remember fleeting images of wood and rusty iron. Perhaps the sailor had been a blacksmith aboard ship. Maybe he was a deck hand. One thing I was certain of regarding this dream, it came from an external source. At no time have I accepted an assignment to live and work aboard ship. Nor have I ever owned any jade jewelry. This dreaming experience prompted me to seek a new handle on my spirituality. A deeper introspection was necessary. As my faith matured, I became increasingly aware of the many Bible verses that mention dreams.

There are some 37 references to dreams in Genesis alone (KJV). I found at least 87 scattered throughout, including the New Testament. Famous characters such as Jacob, Joseph, Gideon and Solomon all reacted in some way to a dream. God warned Joseph to protect baby Jesus from Herod in a dream (Matthew 2:12-13). We see history preserved and prophecy upheld in scripture because of dreams. Angels speak, demons scare and we are foretold that this is one way the Lord's spirit shall be poured out among us (Acts 2:16-18). A timeless, co-eternal atmosphere is present in dreams.

A spiritual connection between the sailor and his ring is for me, evidence that dreams can bring significant messages. We must find valid handles in the absence of a world without form or flesh. Material possessions and our emotions toward them capture the spirit. Everything, including our bones beneath the flesh, is subject to attachment. The Holy Trinity, embracing Father, Son and Holy Ghost, blows as a wind upon our spirit. God cleanses the decayed, fleshly parts of our spirit by flowing through us.

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