Healing power and Stones

Healing power and Stones

We never envisioned that the stones had a mending power. It has been on account of the logical work of the analyst Daya Sarai Chocron, uncovered in the book "Mending With Crystals and Gemstones" that today we realize that.

The antiquated civic establishments knew the recuperating force of the stones and rehearsed in medication and brain research. They realized that the valuable and semiprecious stones are alive substances that vibrates as per various frequencies, causing fields of force, from which we can acquire new powers equipped for fitting our body and our soul.

Properties of the stones

The red and orange stones offer essentialness to the human body and invigorate it.

The yellow stones can vivify and explain the psychological action.

The green stones quiet and alleviate the sensory system.

The blue and indigo stones move and produce an otherworldly opening.

The violet stones, speeds up and sublimate all cycles of the body, the keenness and the soul.

The stones and the indications of the Zodiac

The groups of stars, blend with all minerals and valuable stones and are the tones which show to us their proclivity. To hold or convey gems is equivalent to draw in about whether the attractive powers that radiate from those star groupings. That is the reason it is important to know the under which glowing beam, were we conceived and utilize the impact of stone that tumbles to us: its appropriate use favor the free development of the vast energy to the speed of the zodiacal stations.

So we connect with our zodiacal sign and the shading:

Aries - Stone: Ruby, bloodstone, red jasper - Color: red

Taurus - Stone: Golden topaz, coral, emerald - Color: Yellow

Gemini - Stone: Rock gem, greenish blue - Color: Violet

Malignant growth - Stone: Rock gem, moonstone - Color: Green

Leo - Stone: Ruby, golden - Color: Violet

Virgo - Stone: Pink jasper, turquoise, zircon - Color: violet

Libra - Stone: Opal, jewel - Color: Yellow

Scorpio - Stone: Maroon, topaz, agate - Color: Red

Sagittarius - Stone: Amethyst - Color: Purple

Capricorn - Stone: White onyx, dark onyx - Color: Blue

Aquarius - Stone: Blue sapphire, lapis lazuli - Color: Indigo

Pisces - Stone: Diamond, jade, greenish blue - Color: Indigo

The times of the week

The historical backdrop of the stones has severe guidelines concerning what stones are utilized in specific days of seven days, in light of the fact that there is an association between the kind of stone and every day.

Sunday, the day of the Sun: Gold and yellow stones as the golden and brilliant topaz.

Monday, the day of the moon: Pearl, moonstone, every white stone.

Tuesday, the day of Mars: Garnet ruby, every one of the red stones.

Wednesday, the day of Mercury: Turquoise (insurance against the air), blue sapphire, lapis lazuli.

Thursday, the day of Jupiter: Amethyst, violet and purple stones.

Friday, the day of Venus: Emerald and malachite, every green stone.

Saturday, the day of Saturn: Diamond and every one of the dark stones.

The stones from the more modest until the most excellent, live, inhale, communicate, respond, sparkle and heartbeat. Their vibrations acting in our be and can be utilized to orchestrate our body and our soul.

Flavia Saint is a productive of obscure and paranormal undertakings. There is a possible boundlessness of force and information, to us and in the universe that encompasses us, that the customary science has not yet found.
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