A number of issues may lead to a boating accident, and subsequent injury to any persons involved. These can include speeding, errors by operators, insufficient training or knowledge of watercraft operation or equipment, defects in boat components or equipment, improper maintenance, and other issues.

Boating accident injuries, which are often the result of collisions, capsized vessels and falling overboard can be wide ranging, with the most serious leading to paralysis and even death. Serious injuries can be sustained on small boats and large ships alike. As our waterways have become increasingly more congested boating accidents have been on the rise. Accidents involving intoxicated boat operators have also added to the problem

After an accident of this type, victims may be faced with medical expenses, long-term pain, loss of income and other damages that have been caused through no fault of their own. Individuals who are injured as a result of a boating accident may need to contact a boating accident attorney to assess their legal options to seek monetary compensation for these and other future damages.

Trusted Counsel for Boating Accident Injury Victims

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A major consideration in boating accident injury cases can be the determination of admiralty jurisdiction or whether the accident occurred on what is considered navigable water, which may determine the legal guidelines that apply to a specific case. Navigable waters are those that allow the transport of passengers or goods between states or with other countries.

Although federal maritime laws can apply to virtually any watercraft, it is important for guests and employees injured on a watercraft to consult with attorneys that can explain what conditions must be met for their injuries to be considered under this set of rules or under state laws. The differences between jurisdictions are complicated and can affect the outcome of the case.

Boating Accident Lawyer Can Help Navigate Compensation Process

When one chooses to seek legal representation, it is important to find someone highly experienced in all matters of this area of personal injury law. An effective boating accident lawyer can help one recover costs related to their injuries. The process of returning one’s life back in order after any type of personal injury can be difficult and time consuming, and seeking the services of an advocate to get you the legal compensation needed for the best recovery possible is essential.

The Chicago accident injury lawyers of Cooney & Conway are available to assist boating accident victims to hold those responsible for one’s catastrophic injuries accountable in accordance with Chicago personal injury law.

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